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March 9, 2015

Message From Greg Baxter

Delete August 15, 2015 from your calendar
As most of you know, plans have been made for our 50th reunion on AUGUST 8, 2015 at the Jumping Brook Country Club.  Information about the reunion can be obtained on the website created for our reunion by Yvonne Thornton and her committee.  The website
The only reason for this email notice is to let those who received the prior emails from me last fall, when we had tentatively booked Charleys Ocean Grill in North Long Branch for August 15, that that date is no longer being used, so cross it off your calendar’s if it’s on there.
Bob Guice will take care of posting this to the website so that any other classmembers who received my earlier emails can make sure they have the right date.
Greg Baxter


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Susan Smallwood Pirozzi on March 12, 2015 8:37 AM
: Hi everyone. I live in California, and will be attending the reunion; and absolutely looking forward to it. I havent seen everyone since the 40th. Wow, this is our "50".... Golden, ... What I don't understand is we're having a grand week-end event, which the class of 1963, & 1964 didnt have. Friday Aug. 7th at Zachary's which I've never been to (my nieces from LB and Tinton Falls) tell me that its a very nice establishment. The Gala on Saturday, Aug.8th, and for these 2 days its only costing me $100.00. Why would I pay for a night at Charleys, when I'm getting more bang for my buck. I realize that everything costs, but please, there are a few of us who are flying in, possibly getting a rental car, bringing their spouses, and may even need hotel reservations. , I've just re-read Gregs message; hope the "Quite a Few" have a good time, and look forward to seeing you all, at the Grand Gala Event on the 8th..... Susan Yvonne Pirozzi

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