The lists are PDF files and searchable if you use the latest or a relatively recent version of the Acrobat Reader (download Free latest version ---> Acrobat Reader )

To search for a name, Yearbook names and known married names are provided.  Press and hold Control ( Ctl )" f" for find.  A dialog box opens, key in last name then press Enter.  The search produces the first find.  If there are additional same last names click Next or press Enter again.

The lists below can be downloaded to your computer and viewed / searched using Acrobat Reader.  You can print the whole file - All Graduates is nearly 30 pages, or you can selectively print a single page or a range of pages.

All Graduates   (11/28/2014)

Missing Contact Information 09/04/2021


Departed Classmates 08/13/2021