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September 18, 2015



Name: Susan Rothrock Costello


Telephone: Removed from comment

Comments: Thank you for doing this! I was so happy to see so many "old friends" at the reunion and somewhat saddened that I have not been in touch with so many wonderful people for so many years. High school is such a vital part of who we are! Would like to keep in better touch from now on.....TY Bob


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Charlotte Chamy-Snedeker on September 19, 2015 12:01 AM
To "My Kids" from LBHS Class of 1965: Thank you everyone for all the time, effort and creativity that you and the reunion/planning committee devoted to making the LBHS 50th the best one I've attended. What a perfect weekend! You left no stone unturned from the venues to the band, banquet menu, ice sculpture, take-away bag (Love the morning after bag concept!) with commemorative charm, pen, etc.. The reunion book has been such a delight to peruse. I have enjoyed reading the attendees' bios, the 1965 headlines, stats and fun facts like hairstyles, NY Times best seller's list, popular toys and Christmas gifts as well as the commercial ads and slogans. A great trip down memory lane! What an emotional moment honoring your classmates who have served in the military! I know they were moved by the recognition and the beautifully framed flags as were the rest of the attendees. Unforgettable for all! I was truly touched being invited to share the occasion with all of you. How fortunate that circumstances allowed me to fly in from Maine. An original sentiment of mine is: "When you have good health, good family and friends, and great memories, you are a millionaire." Thank you for contributing to my millions! I am profoundly grateful for your friendship and thoughtfulness. As ever, Charlotte Chamy Snedeker. PS. Please share with anyone I might have overlooked. sentiment of mine is: "When you have good health, good family and friends, and great memories, you are a millionaire." Thank you for contributing to my millions! I am profoundly grateful for your friendship and thoughtfulness. As ever, Charlotte Chamy Snedeker. PS. Please share with anyone I might have overlooked.

March 9, 2015

Message From Greg Baxter

Delete August 15, 2015 from your calendar
As most of you know, plans have been made for our 50th reunion on AUGUST 8, 2015 at the Jumping Brook Country Club.  Information about the reunion can be obtained on the website created for our reunion by Yvonne Thornton and her committee.  The website
The only reason for this email notice is to let those who received the prior emails from me last fall, when we had tentatively booked Charleys Ocean Grill in North Long Branch for August 15, that that date is no longer being used, so cross it off your calendar’s if it’s on there.
Bob Guice will take care of posting this to the website so that any other classmembers who received my earlier emails can make sure they have the right date.
Greg Baxter


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March 9, 2015

Cancelling Charleys for Aug. 8 and inquiring about Aug. 7

1129 BROAD ST. (HWY. 35)
FAX:  (732)542-8620
   P.O. BOX 420       
                                                                        March 9, 2015
Sent via Email to
Charley’s Ocean Grill
29 Avenel Blvd.
North Long Branch, NJ 07740
ATTN:  Ms. Doreen Clarke
                        Re:      CANCEL Saturday, August 15, 2015
                                    50th Reunion
                                    Long Branch High School Class of 1965
Dear Doreen:
                        I’m sorry to report that a new group has taken over our plans for our 50th reunion.  They wanted a more elaborate affair, and have made other arrangements.  As a consequence, we need to cancel our August 15, 201...


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February 3, 2015

Reunion Entertainment

Make yourself heard here regarding reunion ambiance.  Some have expressed an interest in no background distractions.  That the fewer distractions the better for trying to make connections with long lost souls.  Others have expressed an interest in very low volume background music, others have expressed an interest in live band music.  Some want to dance others want to talk.  Lets see if we can find some happy medium so we can all enjoy ourselves and have one great reunion!


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November 5, 2014

Committee Meeting Notes

December 3, 2014

Good evening,
It was another great meeting.
Below is a recap of the teleconference.
The third meeting of the LBHS 50th Reunion Planning Committee started at 7 p.m. and ended at 8:06 p.m.
The initial discussion focused on the website with its new alphabetical navigation categories.  There are scanned copies on the "Memory Lane" webpage, which include our  Junior Prom invitation, Senior Prom program and our graduation Commencement Program.  The committee will be seeking, from our classmates, other items of memorabilia to put on the website.
Bob recalled that about 60 classmates have registered to date and that we should wait until after the New Year before polling should commence regarding particulars about classmate socials on Friday and Sunday.  Hopefully, there will be more classmates registered and that would be more representative of the class as we make these decisions.


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November 5, 2014

Reunion activities, favors, awards, recognition etc.

After the venu is secured, menu settled, drinking preferences determined, the evenings entertainment is resolved we need to consider whether we should consider providing / acquiring any favors, souvenirs, momentos, keepsakes, tokens of rememberence, etc.

What say you?


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November 3, 2014

The day After: Breakfast / Brunch/ One More Get Together

A good way to wrap up this occassion is a day after Breakfast / Brunch / Picnic.  There is the possibility of reserving the Picnic Tent for up to 50 people.  We might be able to cater something, rent a larger tent etc.

Anything and all things can and should be considered.



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November 3, 2014

Venue Preferences, Requests, Comments Etc.

Long Branch High School
Long Branch High School
It's getting late as far as reserving a venue is concerned and the first meeting of the Committee of Six will be Wednesday evening 11/05/2014 at 7:00 PM.  Comments, concerns, preferences about where, when and what can be addressed here for consideration.

Bear in mind:
  • There were 393 Graduates in June 1965.
  • About 100 attended the 45th at Charlies Ocean Grill (class mates and their significant other - about 50 graduates)
  • We currently have contact information for 54 classmates.
  • Please refer to the Venues tab for hyperlinks to the venues under consideration.
  • If you have not done so - please take the Poll on the Poll Page, don't forget to press VOTE the press RESULTS to see the current results.


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November 1, 2014

Friday evening meet and greet

It might be nice to find a place to meet Friday night as a run up to the Reunion.

Thanks to a heads up from Greg Baxter - LBHS class of 1984 had a 30th reunion on August 15th 2014 here is a reunion article about what they did

Indulge Lounge - Pier Village - Long Branch looks like it might fit the bill

Any comments?


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November 1, 2014

Preliminary numbers

Preliminary Stuff

393 Class member names from the 1965 Yearbook (needs to be checked for duplicates.  Initial check is right on. There may be some duplicates involving married name and birth name but the number is approaching 400 graduates.

54 e-mail addresses 

339 without contact information: e-mail, address, phones

69 Street addresses (a few duplicates due to married class members)

63 home phone numbers

34 cell phone numbers

22 Memorial Listings



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