Composite List of Who is coming including invitations extended to Teachers and School Administrators as guests of honor - Tickets Purchased from website and from Jeanne  (as of 07/18/2015)---> HERE

Guest RSVP'd Purchased Tickets
Janice Jones (Anderson)
Patricia Wyckoff (Carroll)
Robert Carroll
Nancy Collins (Daley)
Joel Fisher
Roberta Harwin (Fisher)
Janis Flanagan
Veleda Greenwood
Robert W. Guice
Arthur Harris
Angela Williams (Henson)
John L. Henson Jr.
Dr Nancy Kalish (Kalish)
Ann Leatherman (Leatherman)
Paul Littenberg
Vera Littenberg
Diane Cephas (Logan)
Nathaniel Logan
Dr. Shearwood J. Mcclelland
John Mehrlander
Mrs. Delynn Bradshaw (Mehrlander)
Barbara Parotino (Merrill)
Cliff Merrill
Nancy Foggia (Olsen)
Frances Cittadino (Picard)
Tom Picard
Susan Yvonne Smallwood (Pirozzi)
Dominick Sparandeo
Carole Debartolis (Stamaty)
Marion Suozzo
Raymond Taylor
Yvonne Thornton
John Tomaino
Kathy Kathy Campbell (Tomaino)
Punz Wolff
Robert Yeagle
Total 2 36