This is an ideal place for interested persons to vote their interests for get-togethers going forward (Now that the Reunion is behind us).  Polling tabulates how many people have indicated an interest in some future event.  Results are available immediately after submitting your choices.  It is anonymous but comments and/or suggestions can be collected and published on the Suggestions page, and a running commentary can be collected and published on the Discussion Page.  When sufficient numbers are indicated, efforts can be initiated to plan and execute.

Any thoughts about what, where or when some get-together in the future should be polled - should be directed to me at or use the Contact Us page.  I will incorporate that option into the Poll.

Comments can be recorded on the Message Boards.  The Comments will remian on the website as long as they are relevant and remain under consideration.

Let's see if we can't stay in touch...
1) Is their any interest in attending another Alumni get-together?
Yes - Spring - Summer 2016
Yes - Fall - Winter 2016
Yes Spring - Summer 2017
Yes - Fall - Winter 2017
Yes - A 70th Birthday Party
Yes - 55th Reunion 2020