Photo Albums
50th Reunion - Jumping Brook Country Club (16 photos)
50th Reunion - Portraits in Backdrop (65 photos)
50th Reunion - Grade Schoolmates (13)
LBHS(176) Garfield School - Simon Rubin, Bob Guice, Carole Trifari-Saulitus, Ina Rubin-Brustein & Alex DAmbrosio
LBHS(180) Standing - Beverly Gordon, Yvonne Thornton, Diane Heatherington- Van Brunt, Carin Lapidus-Greenspan, Ann Schlenger-Richards, Gayle Blaisdell-Williams, Joan Fornin, Bob Guice, - Back Row - Thomas Bifulco, Kathy Edwards-Leber, Dorris Gillis-Fields
LBHS(182) Front Row - Helen Jones-Barnwell, Janice McCain, Angela Williams-Henson, Back Row - Anita Williams, Cheryl Newman, Steve Grasso, Jim Fiasconaro
LBHS(185) L-R - Carl Viola, Frank Pingatore, Angela Qualles, Linda Carlucci-Shultz, Frani Cittadino-Picard, Nancy Foggia-Olsen, Mary Kate Connolly-Frandsen, Jim Simonelli
LBHS(185) L-R - Barbara Parotino-Merrill, Kathy Giordano-Antonucci, Billie Puglia, Popes, Bob Guice, Joan Riccardi-Hussey, Carl Larsen, Helen Foring, Jerry Van Brunt, Jeanne Germann, Elaine Siegal-Shooman, John Merhlander
LBHS(190) North Long Branch School - Joan Layton-Severini, , Conrad Dilger, Angela Buono-Fiasconaro, Carole DeBartolis-Stamaty, Cecelia West-Rosengrant
LBHS(191) Front Row - Steve Grasso, Susan Rothrock-Costello, Gail Freiday-Crockett, Mary Kate Connolly-Frandsen, Back Row - Fred Baettig, Jim Fiasconaro, Marc Stamaty, Phil Levinson
LBHS(193)Holy Trinity School - Denis DelVecchio
LBHS(195) L-R - Arline Gold-, John Tomaino, Carole Inslerman-Riemann, Helaine Evans-Bunce, Greg Baxter, Patricia Wyckoff-Carroll, Joel Fisher, Gale Blaisdell-Williams, Ray Taylor
LBHS(250) Connie Puryear, Brenda Shuler, Anita Williams, Helen Jones-Barnwell, Arlene Gold- , Nate Logan, Barbara Cooper, James Cofer, Cheryl Newman, Janice McCain
LBHS(246) Elaine Siegal-Shooman, Carin Lapidus-Greenspan, Kathy Edwards-Leber, Diane Heatherington-Van Brunt, Ina Rubin-Brustein, Carole Bisti-Valentino, Dominick Sparandio, Marion Suozzo, Thomas Bifulco, Bob Guice, Ann Schlanger-Richards, Irven Miller, C
50th Reunion - Other Groups - (24 photos)
50th Reunion - Welcome, Invocation (16 photos)
50th Reunion - Honored Guests (8 photos)
LBHS(202) Mrs. Fowler - (Teacher)
LBHS(204) Wayne Stevenson - (Guidence Counselor), Veleda Greenwood
LBHS(213) Mrs. Forsyth - Teacher
LBHS(215) Mrs. - Christopher
LBHS(213) Mrs. Forsyth - Teacher
LBHS(206) Ms. Chamy
LBHS(258) Sitting - Gayle Freiday-Crokett, Susan Rothrock-Costello, Standing Mrs. Christopher, Ms. Chamy
LBHS(215)	Welcoming ceremonial seating - Mrs. Christopher
50th Reunion - Veterans (8 photos)
LBHS(220) Susan Smallwood-Pirozzi - Honoring the Veterans
LBHS(221) The Veterans - L-R Frani Cittadino-Picard, Bob Guice, Carl Viola, Tomas Bifulco, Phil Levinson
LBHS(222) Angela Qualles, Susan Smallwood-Pirozzi, Bob Guice, Carl Viola, Thomas Bifulco, Phil Levinson
(223) Bob Guice, Carl Viola, Frani Cittadino-Picard, Yvone Thornton, Thomas Bifulco, Phil Levinson
LBHS(225) Bob Guice, Carl Viola, Fran Cittadino-Picard, Yvonne Thornton, Tom Bifulco, Phil Levinson
LBHS(224) Bob Guice, Carl Viola, Fran Cittadino-Picard, Yvonne Thornton, Tom Bifulco, Phil Levinson
50th Reunion - Prizes (18 photos)
50th Reunion Groups by Tables (13 photos)
50th Reunion - Dancing (33 photos)
50th Reunion - Pizza Party (8 photos)
Panoramic View of Dining Room
Jerry Van Brunt & Yvonne Thornton
Yvonne, Sherwood Mc Clelland, Jerry Van Brunt, Jeanne German
Helen Hones, Joel Fisher standing
50th Reunion - Brunch & High School Tour (9 photos)
Joan Fornin, Carolyn Trifari-Sulaitis, Angela Buono-Fiasconaro, Kathy Giordano
Bob Guice, Mrs. Miller sitting in back, Newton Richards, Ann Schlenger-Richards, Barbara Parotino-Merrill - Thank you Marion Suozzo
45th Reunion
40th Reunion
4  - 40th Reunion Committee -  Steve Grasso, Janice Petrella Walsh, Carole Bisti Valentino, Linda Melina Dioganalle, Greg Baxter, Susan Herberg
5 - Class Officers - Phil De Santis, Janice Petrilla Walsh, Helaine Evans Bunce, Gail Freiday Crockett
25th Reunion
25th Reunion 1990?
25th Reunion 1990?
Janice Patrella-Walsh & Dick Lawn
Janice Petrella-Walsh and Ann Schlenger-Richards
Alexs Wife, Alex DAmbrosio, Phil Levinson
Judy Davis Wigdortz, Sharon Golden Cohen, Phil De Santis, Janice Petrella Walsh, Dick Lawn
Greg Bloodgood, Dick Lawn, Gail Freiday Crockett
Class of 1965 Armed Forces Veterans
Killed in Action
Robert Oliver Balmer
Private First Class
United States Marine Corps
Oceanport, New Jersey
January 08, 1947 to November 20, 1965
Armed Forces of the United States of America
Standing: Yvonne (Class of 1965) Seated: husband, Dr. Shearwood J. McClelland,
Yvonne Thornton M.D.
Lieutenant Commander, USN, Medical Corps
Station: Bethesda (National Naval Medical Center)
1979 - 1982
Me and my mom after I returned home from Hospital Corpsman School in 1967
and prior to my leaving for Field Medical School and being assigned to the
This is a picture from the Battalion Aid Station outside Da Nang. I served
with the 1st Marine Division, 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines.  Arriving in Hue
just prior to the 1968 Tet Offensive.
Tom Bifulco
SGT US Army 4th Infantry Division Recon
Served in Dac To and Pleiku, Vietnam 11/67 to 11/68
Bill Taylor and Fran (Picard) Citadino

I was home on leave after graduating from Boot Camp in Bainbridge, Md., before going to NTC San Diego for Dental Tech. A school.  After graduating from DT school, I was assigned to National Naval Medical Center, Bet
Sgt. R.W. Guice USMC
Home sweat home, Northern I Corps. Dong Ha, Quang Tri Province, Vietnam

Spec 4 Phil Levinson
Americal Divison - Infantry
Vietnam - March 1970 - May 1970

 John Mitchel, Van Cliburn & John Anastasio In official USAFE “Diplomats”  uniform, Performance at SALT Talks, Moscow, USSR May 1972
Flicks we just like to share...
Sundry Memorabilla
Class Ring
Saint Judes Childrens Research Hospital.  We passed by it, going to & coming home from the reunion.
St Judes Childrens Hospital
Ms. Shirleys Broadway School Kindergarten 1954(?)
55 + 1 Reunion
55th Reunion