Past Reunions

55th pus 1 Reunion

Revised 9/3/2021

LBHS 55th  (a year late)  Reunion Update
Our 55th reunion is still on for next Saturday, September 11, 2021, from 6:30 to 10:30 at Charley’s Grill in Long Branch.  We’re hoping that as many of you as possible will be able to attend, even if you didn’t yet tell us you were coming.

The cost per attendee is $50—cash only at the door.  There will NOT be a working ATM on the premises.  There will be no partial payment for those who come briefly and leave. 

There will be passed hors d’oeuvres, dinner food (chafing dishes with 3 entrees; salad, mashed potatoes and at least one other side, etc.), coffee and cookies; and a cash bar.  Non-alcoholic drinks are free.  Currently, there are no restrictions on the manner of service of the food.  In the event that changes, you may be required to wear a mask when going to the buffet table; but not as of now.

If you haven’t already done so, and plan to attend, we’d appreciate your going on the website ( to the “Who’s Coming” and check off that you will be coming.  It will help us with the restaurant. 

Dress is casual.       

A photographer will be at the event to take a picture of the class at 8:00 p.m..  The cost for a class photo is $20. Any other photos you request will also be $20.  If you buy two, the cost is $30.00.  The photographer will only take orders that night, and you must pay cash or give a check (no credit cards). 

For those who are interested, you can walk a block to the beach for the LIGHT UP THE SHORE remembrance of the 9-11 victims at 8:46 p.m.  Bring your cellphone to use as a flashlight, as Monmouth County is doing a flyover down the beach. 



Front row, left to right: John Anastasio, Carol DeBartolis Stamaty, Kathleen Giordano Antonucci, Janice Petrella Walsh, Carin Lapidus Greenspan, Ann Schlenger Richards, Carole Bisti Valentino, James F. Simonelli.

Back row, left to right: Carl Larsen, Greg Turner, Raymond Taylor, Steve Grasso, Greg Baxter, Richard Ricciardi, Thomas Bifulco, John Mehrlander, Frank Pingatore, Bob Guice, Alex D'Ambrosio

Front row: Carin Lapidus, Ann Schlanger Richards, Carole Bisti Valentino

Back row: Bob Guice, Thomas Bifulco, John Anastasio

45th Reunion
45th Reunion 2010 @ Charlies Ocean Grill
Other half or 45th Reunion at Charlies Ocean Grill
6 Jack Rise, Steve Grasso, Dick Lawn, Elaine Shooman, Joan Riccardi Hussey,
7 Gayle Blaisdell Williams, Nancy Collins Daley,
8 Ann Schlenger Richards, Gayle Blaisdell Williams, Newton Richards, Patti
9 - John and Angie Williams-Henson
Carole Bisti Valentino, Anita Williams, Diane Hetherington Van Brunt, Tom Bifulco, Marion Suzzo, Steve Grasso
Gloria Echols
Anita Williams
10. 45th Reunion Committee - Jeanne Ciaglia-Germann, Janice Petrella-Walsh, Greg Baxter, Carole Bisti Valentino
11 Angela Buono Fiascanaro, Jim Fiascanaro, Nancy Collins Daily, Brenda Shuler
12 Mark Stamaty, Steve Grasso
40th Reunion
4  - 40th Reunion Committee -  Steve Grasso, Janice Petrella Walsh, Carole Bisti Valentino, Linda Melina Dioganalle, Greg Baxter, Susan Herberg
5 - Class Officers - Phil De Santis, Janice Petrilla Walsh, Helaine Evans Bunce, Gail Freiday Crockett
25th Reunion